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‘Teeth Union’ reviews so far…

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

You may have seen us in the press recently, we’ve been lucky to get some column inches for ‘Teeth Union’ from the NME, Rock-Sound, Loud & Quiet, etc. as well as hitting the radiowaves. Check it out:

Ice, Sea, Dead People - 'Teeth Union' review NME. "This meaty debut from punning devils Ice, Sea, Dead People conjures just the kind of gloriously primal racket you'd expect from a Bedford trio that describe themselves as "east angular mammal noise". Post-hardcore righteousness bolstered by agit-punk is what powers 'Teeth Union' and the mind-bending brouhaha it whips up. Amid the carefully ordered chaos of raucous early single, 'Hence:Elvis', 'My Twin Brother's A Brother' and 'Until We Break Our Legs' one detects the expert influence of Shellac bassist Bob Weston, who mastered the album. Still lamenting Erase Errata, Fugazi and Untitled Musical Project? This could heal your heart." 8/10

Gig Pick - NME. "From the depths of the belly of noisedom comes an aural onslaught more powerful than a kick in the nads. London three-piece Ice, Sea, Dead People return to the gig circuit in the run up to the release of their post-punk art-noise debut album 'Teeth Union'."

Loud And Quiet Review. ""From the initial ear-twisting note of this thunderous record it becomes blindingly obvious that it wll not find favour with the aging chattering classes who loudly grumble that, "Music isn't as good now as it was in my day", because those keen on luscious melodies will soon be shaken into a quivering, deply scarred wreck by a continual stream of spiky edged mathematical discordance that hurtles by faster than a Japanese Bullet train. 'Justin Klein' may have a traditional, counted-in intro but like 'Hence:Elvis' and every other song contained on this album it is fiercely abrasive, manically chaotic and fantastically riff heavy. 'Teeth Union' will not bring any mainstream awards towards ISDP but at least they can be proud that they have created a short, sharp record that gleefully jumps over the barriers and brings other to an instant halt."

Online press:

“This album works as an explanation of exactly why this tense, chaotic guitar attack is always so much fun, no matter how much it hurts. It makes a hero of every kid who can turn their guitar up too loud.”
The Quietus

“Theirs is music for audiences ready to embrace tinnitus. Theirs is a racket that attracts plaudits full of adjectives like “angular”, “abrasive” and “artsy”. Which is, obviously, a brilliant thing; a messy, sketchy, scrambled puzzle of pirouetting riffs and clattering percussion, with vocals atop like rotten cherries, sticky-sweet to the touch but sure to leave a bad taste in the mouth and a pain in the guts.”

“Ice, Sea, Dead People are clearly not fans of the predictable or safe.There’s enough energy in these pre-packaged twenty-five minutes to power a small country for a year. It makes me want to throw myself across rooms and jump and jerk along with the angular, disjointed noise pouring through my speakers.”
The Line of Best Fit

“An accomplished debut album in a genre that can be very hard to ‘crack.’”
This is Fake DIY

“Keepin’ it punk, energetic and spontaneous in all areas.”

“Teeth Union’s nine feedback-laden bony punk compositions played too hard and too loud with practically unintelligible lyrics are seriously pleasing things; think White Light/White Heat if it had been recorded in the 21st century by irritated art-schoolers with a budget.”
The Skinny

“Almost plumbing No Wave depths of deconstruction at times, the band’s scathing post-hardcore racket reveals an obsession with smashing both rhythmic conventions and listener expectations.”
Alternative Ulster

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Teeth Union album launch at Rough Trade East

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

We’re really happy to be playing a Rough Trade East in-store tomorrow (Thursday, 23rd September) to launch ‘Teeth Union’ from 7pm!!!

We’ll have advanced copies of our album available as well as a Rough Trade East exclusive bonus disc containing a bunch of unheard songs, jams and live noise.

Check out the Facebook event here:
Ice, Sea, Dead People’s Rough Trade East in-store

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‘Teeth Union’ pre-order !!!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Ice, Sea, Dead People – Teeth Union

Our debut album ‘Teeth Union’ is available to pre-order from the Lost Toys online store for £8 or you can go for the exclusive pre-order t-shirt and album bundle for £12.

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‘Teeth Union’ Tour

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Teeth Union tour poster

See you out there – sorry Scotland/Wales, we’ll sort you out next time!x

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Thursday, August 19th, 2010


YO!!! So first of all, we’re giving you another taste of the album…

You can download the track ‘GREAN TEE’ by joining our mailing list on the right. You’ll get an email with a link to download the song.

But that’s not all, we shot a video for the song in a green screen studio back in May which you can download, by clicking the image above, and add anything you want to in the background (a vague homage to Oliver Laric‘s Versions).

There’s some example videos already up. It’s very easy to do if you’ve got a Mac or a PC – we don’t want perfection, we just want to see people show off some good ideas.

Surprise us, whatever, have fun with it!!! If you need a concept for your video then, it’s about ‘being right about being wrong for someone’ (i.e. it’s pretty open – things don’t have to necessarily ‘work’ with each other, capiche?)

Go to: for some simple instuctions.

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‘Teeth Union’

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Ice, Sea, Dead People – Teeth Union

Welcome to our new website, by the way. We thought we’d start by letting you know the details about our debut album…

It’s called ‘Teeth Union’. We recorded it with our friend Tom Morris at Fortress Studios and it’s been mastered by Bob Weston. The release date for the record is 27th September, so expect some touring that month. The artwork was created by Craig and Andy Holden who is one of the masterminds behind Lost Toys Records who we’re co-releasing the album with and he is also one of the few unlucky people to see our first ever gig (yeah, the one we get infamously booed off at). Check out the tracklisting on the discog page.

Oh yeah, it’s pretty noisy and like 26 minutes long but… you expected that, right?


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