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Hill Valley Recording & Update

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

We recorded 4 new songs at Hill Valley Studios on the weekend with the excellent & kind, Chris Smith.

Sleeping/Thinking at Hill Valley Studios

Here’s a teaser of what to expect…

& here’s a video of us playing new song ‘Ultra Silence’ at the …Trail of Dead show at the Brixton Windmill:

As you can expect from a band called “Ice, Sea, Dead People”, we’re a very studious bunch, so it may come as no huge surprise to hear that we’re pretty busy finishing off our degrees at the moment = less gigging, more writing.

See you soon.

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On Twitter

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

@IcePeople Twitter

Go on then, catch us on Twitter where we’ll sum up every second of our lives for you in a shorter-than-our-songs-are fashion.

Someone had isdp and someone else had ice sea. Between them they have one tweet… ($£(&*%@!!!!)

News and stuff coming soon. Some good, some bad, some good again.


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