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‘Teeth Union’ pre-order !!!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Ice, Sea, Dead People – Teeth Union

Our debut album ‘Teeth Union’ is available to pre-order from the Lost Toys online store for £8 or you can go for the exclusive pre-order t-shirt and album bundle for £12.

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‘Teeth Union’

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Ice, Sea, Dead People – Teeth Union

Welcome to our new website, by the way. We thought we’d start by letting you know the details about our debut album…

It’s called ‘Teeth Union’. We recorded it with our friend Tom Morris at Fortress Studios and it’s been mastered by Bob Weston. The release date for the record is 27th September, so expect some touring that month. The artwork was created by Craig and Andy Holden who is one of the masterminds behind Lost Toys Records who we’re co-releasing the album with and he is also one of the few unlucky people to see our first ever gig (yeah, the one we get infamously booed off at). Check out the tracklisting on the discog page.

Oh yeah, it’s pretty noisy and like 26 minutes long but… you expected that, right?


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ISDP on ‘Fuck Winter’ mixtape

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Fuck Winter mixtape

So, we’re on this totally awesome mixtape that Scotch Tapes are putting out that features Aids Wolf, Divorce, Ultimate Thrush, Bitches, Desalvo, Fever Fever to name but a few…!!!

Pre-order it from Scotch Tapes. Be quick though, this’ll sell out fast!

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Brrrrrg Scary Monsters – ’10 Collection’

Monday, January 18th, 2010

We’ve got our track, ‘Brrrrr’, as a download for the weekly subscription deal that Big Scary Monsters are running – ’10 Collection’.

More info:

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ISDP on Poor Girl Noise compilation

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Poor Girl Noise compilation

We feature on a great CD-r compilation released by Oxford promoters, Poor Girl Noise who we’ve never played for but one day hopefully will!

Full tracklist:
1.Young Pioneers’ Club by Elapse-O
2. Bottle Rocket by Chickenhawk
3. Deux Brouettes by Pneu
4. Hence:Elvis by Ice Sea Dead People
5. Electric Mayhem by Don Vito
6. Engines Play Chords by Shield Your Eyes
7. Keanu Reef by That Fucking Tank
8. Thank You Very Much by Bilge Pump
9 . She’s Working That Meat Draw by Balls Deep
10. Restless Empire by Papier Tigre
11. Burn by Action Beat
12. New Pastures by Hreda

This CD is on epic scale of quality so please check it out, it’s only £2.

More info:

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Dead People feature on new Foot Village album!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Foot Village - Anti-Magic

Your favourite type of dead people (the iced ones that reside in the sea) feature on the new Foot Village album with about 40 other RADICAL bands (AIDS Wolf, T.I.T.S., Bitches, Death Sentence:PANDA, Kyle H Mabson, Tussle, Anavan, blah blah blah!).

Basically we had to record a song with the lyrics “We write love songs in a secret language that no-one can resist”. It was a really cool project. I found it really hard to get someone else’s lyrics to come out of my mouth properly and we can see how other people wrote theirs. I’m working through them but Anavan is my favourite still. You can hear/download them ALL (including ours) at the Foot Village website:

NSFW! Loads of genitals and great music:

We liked our intro so much that we’ve re-written the song and are recording it at the blessed Fortress soon for THE ALBUM.


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