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Pre-Order: ‘You Could Be A Model’ / ‘Ultra Silence’ 7″ Picture Disc

Monday, September 17th, 2012

This pink background will make no sense on Google Images

The pre-order for our new 7″, a picture disc collaboration with Daniel Eatock & Andy Holden, is now live at the Lost Toys Records shop.

We’re incredibly proud of the 2 songs, ‘You Could Be A Model’ and ‘Ultra Silence’ on this 7″ as well as the project with Daniel Eatock which has resulted in these amazing records.

Every side of every record features a unique spiral drawing, created by spinning the paper on a turntable (the very thing the records will spin on to play the music). 180 records exist, that’s 360 drawings. 360. Circles. Spinning. Are you getting it? Side A features a free-form spiral, the double a-side features a dense single-line spiral. The amount of ink on the drawings relates to how long the song is.

Picture discs for sale at Wysing

Pre-orders will be despatched ahead of release date: October 8th.
Creative Review feature on the discs
Sweeping the Nation review

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‘Teeth Union’ pre-order !!!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Ice, Sea, Dead People – Teeth Union

Our debut album ‘Teeth Union’ is available to pre-order from the Lost Toys online store for £8 or you can go for the exclusive pre-order t-shirt and album bundle for £12.

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‘My Twin Brother’s A Brother’ – Pre-order!!!

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

It’s been a long time coming but we can finally announce that ‘My Twin Brother’s A Brother’ is available to pre-order.

The heavyweight 7″ vinyl is being released by Buyyourself records, physical release date is 13th March and it will hit iTunes on the 16th March.

My Twin Brother's A Brother

‘My Twin Brother’s A Brother’ is backed with ‘Brrrrr’ as the b-side. ‘Brrrrr’ will not be available to buy on iTunes, so it’s exclusive to the record.

Pre-order the heavyweight 7″ from Buyyourself now:
Buyyourself store!


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