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Interview with Tom Robinson, BBC 6Music

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Ice Sea Dead People with Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

Mr. Robinson welcomed us back into the humble bosom of the BBC last month for a few questions about our new single, ‘Ultra Silence’ and our upcoming releases, et cetera… If you’re not an insomniac then you might have missed it. Listen on:

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BBC 6 Music interview with Tom Robinson

Friday, September 24th, 2010

We were lucky to be invited to the 6 Music studio for an interview with the ever supportive Tom Robinson, check it out on the BBC iPlayer here from 35 minutes in: – we managed to take up 10 minutes of airtime!

EDIT: You can now listen to the interview here:

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Bearded Magazine Gig Interview

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

okay, straight off the bat i’ll admit that i always try and get a bit drunk before we play and this usually works in my favour, performance-wise. or so i think. but it does backfire when you do interviews… and stuff. fortunately through the power of editing i come across okay in this one, but i do conclude every sentence with the words “and stuff”:

we also got interviewed, post-93 feet east recently by a french girl who writes for a brilliantly-titled blog, ‘mdmazing’. anyway, i tried to read what she wrote but google translator lets me down. eddoux can read french really well, i should borrow him… anyway, check this out:

“I know I say this often, but there really is worse qu’hilarant, just the Lovvers, in fact, one group which would be full of interviews, but it’s not lke case, then once they have one, they tell something perfectly useless for hours, if you add alcohol to the above, it really really good. “

hmmm… well, i remember talking for about 4 minutes about our band name and eddoux telling me to shut up.

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