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BBC 6 Music Session on Tom Robinson

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Ice Sea Dead People with Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music Daniel Eatock

Last night we did a live session and interview for Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music. We played three songs (two newies) talked about our picture discs, cats, etc. you can stream it from iPlayer now.

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Pre-Order: ‘You Could Be A Model’ / ‘Ultra Silence’ 7″ Picture Disc

Monday, September 17th, 2012

This pink background will make no sense on Google Images

The pre-order for our new 7″, a picture disc collaboration with Daniel Eatock & Andy Holden, is now live at the Lost Toys Records shop.

We’re incredibly proud of the 2 songs, ‘You Could Be A Model’ and ‘Ultra Silence’ on this 7″ as well as the project with Daniel Eatock which has resulted in these amazing records.

Every side of every record features a unique spiral drawing, created by spinning the paper on a turntable (the very thing the records will spin on to play the music). 180 records exist, that’s 360 drawings. 360. Circles. Spinning. Are you getting it? Side A features a free-form spiral, the double a-side features a dense single-line spiral. The amount of ink on the drawings relates to how long the song is.

Picture discs for sale at Wysing

Pre-orders will be despatched ahead of release date: October 8th.
Creative Review feature on the discs
Sweeping the Nation review

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Daniel Eatock Picture Disc

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

You Could Be a Model 7" Picture Disc Event

Once upon a time I showed my friend Andy (Lost Toys/Grubby Mitts/etc.) a book I just bought, ‘Imprint’ by Daniel Eatock. 4 years later, this is happening:

We’re collaborating with Andy Holden & Daniel Eatock for our next 7″ record, ‘You Could Be A Model’.

Each 7″ disc will be unique, with the artwork created from spinning circular paper on a turntable whilst holding a felt-tip pen down on the paper whilst it spins. This paper then gets sent to the manufacturers who sandwich it between the two transparent sides of the record (where all the grooves are). The length of the line corresponds to the amount of revolutions the paper makes (the pen will first touch the paper at the start of the song, and will be lifted off at the end).

We’re hoping for roughly 30 people with 30 turntables to turn up to the spin session at Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston, anyone can drop in. We’ll be playing the single quite a few times so bring some tolerance. Every 10 times the song is played, we’ll be performing it live.

Contact details and info is available at:

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