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Things… Album #3… Tour

ISDP Record Sale!

Hey Pals,

So we’re gearing up for album #3. We’re recording it all in early March and aiming it to be released as soon as humanly possible on 12″ wax with a UK/European tour.

We’ve got a to-do list on our blog, which you can check out if you’re at all interested in how a band releases an album and how bloody important every little thing is from now until the last date of the tour.

Yeah! I’ve seen lots of bands start Kickstarters and Pledge Music things on helping fund them to record and wipe their own arses, etc. This route hasn’t really been an option to us; four brothers born under the creed of Messrs. Mackaye, Picciotto, Lally & Canty.

We release our records ourselves anyway. We have a band bank account. We have a fucking Google Docs spreadsheet, dude (we’ve had one for years which has both impressed and embarrassed other bands). Basically, any money you spend on ISDP records/tees/digital music (lol, don’t) goes into paying for recording, or petrol, or pressing a record. It’s our choice to release records. It’s our choice to tour. We’ll do those things and you can come to the shows or buy the records. Easy.

So if you do want to support, just buy our records that already exist. We’ve put it on sale on our Bandcamp to encourage you!

P.S. Lots of shows coming up. See to the right for details.