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Thanking Off 2010

At Rough Trade East, by Jess Morgan

Ice, Sea, Dead People toured twice this year, reclaimed one of their founding-members from the United States, co-released an album with Lost Toys Records, wrote lots of new stuff that you’ll be able to hear next year and, most notably in this news entry, developed a united, democratic voice.

Ice, Sea, Dead People would like to thank the following who helped them this year:

Ash Pocock & Undress to Win Press, Andy Holden, Lost Toys, Daniel Moss, Paul Cox, Tom Robinson, Ash Dosanjh, Shelby Cinca, Gideon Coe, Tom Whalley, everyone at Wysing Art Centre, Everyone to the Anderson, Guy Henderson, Klaus Märtens, Craig at Cargo Records, Yuri Landman plus everyone who bought our stuff, put us on, put us up, played us out and helped us fuck shit up. Let’s do it again, but louder…

P.S. If we missed you out then buy our album for a more comprehensive thank you list.