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‘Pulling Teeth’ tour over!

The Pulling Teeth tour is OVER. Thank you to our driver Daniel Moss, our booking agent Sandra Gordon, Beyond This Point Are Monsters for putting us up for about 2/3 nights (I can’t remember now!) and everyone else who put us up (Jess in Brighton, Simon in Bristol, the Collins-Adams family, Sandra again), The Mother’s Ruin for getting the tour off to a great start, all the bands that let us borrow their drum kits, all the promoters for putting us on, and anyone who bought merch – we broke even, which is great news and we couldn’t have done it without you.

We didn’t document the tour much, sitting in a car gets kind of boring and by the third day my head had turned into mush from drinking and travelling but Jamie managed to take a few snaps, check them out…

David in Glasgow
ISDP at The Harley hotel