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New ISDP song on Wrong Pop Charity Album

Wrongpop Charity Album Artwork

Steve of Wrongpop has assembled this compilation of noisy/notoriously loud bands (Part Chimp, Shield Your Eyes, Kong, Pulled Apart By Horses, etc.) in aid of Deafness Research UK. #irony

‘Diamond Swords’ is a new track we’re particularly fond of—it being the first one we wrote with Jamie—which will feature on our second album. Details: it was recorded live on to tape and mixed live (which is both fun and terrifying) with Tim Cedar (he of Part Chimp-fame) at Dropout Studios, Camberwell. It’s unmastered. It will sound a bit different on the album. Probably.

Anyway, the compilation’s available to buy for £5 with all money going towards Deafness Research UK.