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‘If It’s Broken, Break It More’ available to pre-order!

Our second album, ‘If It’s Broken, Break It More’ is available to pre-order from our label, Lost Toys.

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We’re so proud of this album, it’s the best thing we’ve ever done and we’re really grateful to all those who worked on it: Patrick Constable, Tim Cedar, Justin Saban and Stewie. The artwork features Mid Beds MP Nadine Dorries eating balls during her tenure. We used the brightest Pantone colours we could and slathered them with a super gloss finish. They look uh-mazing…

'If It's Broken, Break It More' CD box

We also got some new T-shirts for our tour. The illustration is by Suzi Kemp extraordinaire who exudes “rad” in everything she does. It’s based on our original band biography which was: “Ice, Sea, Dead People = Like the Titanic meets the Sixth Sense”.


ice, sea, dead people - 'draw me like one of your french girls…' t-shirt

NEEDLESS TO SAY (but here I go) if you want to support us then help yourself and get a copy. The most direct way to buy the album is through Lost Toys, if you care about that stuff. We’re really proud of everything we do: music, album art, records, tees, music, posters, etc. all money we make goes into making more records, paying for petrol, van hire, studio time. It really helps us out.

Here’s a tracklist, we have some videos of us recording the album and maybe a track-by-track in the pipeline. Tour starts for real tomorrow! We played Bristol on Saturday and it was the most insane show we’ve played so far, more crowd-surfing and fistfights with bouncers please.

See you on the road!

We’re going to get bored so Tweet us or whatever!? Hashtag for the tour is #breakittour


P.S. Lapsus Linguae are BACK!!!