Grean Tee is the new single by Ice, Sea, Dead People, which will feature on our forthcoming album 'Teeth Union'. What you see above is the video for the song — but not the final thing. We're offering it for you to download and... do whatever the hell you like to it.


  • Use video editing software (or download some for free if you don't have any) to insert your own background images or videos.
  • Upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo or whatever, and send us the link. If you upload it to YouTube, you can leave it as a video response to the original version.
  • We'll showcase our favourites and, if we like it, might even use yours as the official video (with your permission!)
  • There are no rules!



MOV (best for Mac)

Green background, h264, 720p, 194.1mb - regular version:

AVI (if your PC can't handle MOVS) (Smaller file, lower res)



You can use iMovie 09's built-in chromakey function. Just make sure you have Advanced Tools enabled (Preferences > General) and you can drag the Grean Tee video over other videos and images.


If you're on Windows XP, you can actually use Windows Movie Maker. Just follow this tutorial:

Alternatively, download the freeware Cinegobs keyer. It's not pretty, but it's easy to use if you follow this quick tutorial.

Download —
Chromakey tutorial —